The Home Energy Saver Team

Founder and Project Leader - Evan Mills


Senior Engineer: Strategy and Deployment - Norm Bourassa
Senior Engineer: Energy and Modeling - Leo Rainer
Technical and Policy Advisor - Rich Brown
Energy Analysis and Simulation Validation Advisor - Danny Parker
Research and User Support - Greg Homan
Usability - Kath Straub
User Interface Programming - Sondra Jarvis
Graphic Design and Art Direction - Anthony Ma, Eyespeak, and Karen Fojas Lee
Project Manager - Chris Havstad



Heating/cooling simulation - Jeff Warner
Miscellaneous equipment - Marla Sanchez
Water heating - Jim Lutz
Ducts - Iain Walker
Electricity tariffs - Chris Bolduc, Richard White, Katie Coughlin


Weather data - Joe Huang, Steve Konopacki, Robin Mitchell
Zip-code-to-weather-tape correlation - Jesse Cohen
Market research - Mithra Moezzi, Celina Atkinson
Utility tariffs - Hongjie Qu
Carbon emissions factors - Jon Koomey
Appliances - Peter Biermayer, Judy Lai
Infiltration - Nance Matson
Product characteristics - Celina Atkinson


Social Media - Diane Chojnowski
Education - Rolland Otto, Mai Sue Chang, Eli Marienthal

IT and Software Engineering

Web application programming - Bighead Technology



Other Collaborators and Interns

Kerey Carter, Allan Chen, Jordan Brinkman, Joanne Lambert, Michael McNeil, Bruce Nordman, Brian Pon, Madeline Rosenthal, Z Smith, Peter Thiery, Gabor Torok


USEPA (past sponsor)
California Air Resources Board
California Energy Commission (past sponsor)
National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association (past sponsor)
Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) (past sponsor)