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  • Help using this site — Visit our User-guide
  • Known Issues
  • Reopened an old session, reran it, and the results changed — This is likely because we fixed a bug or updated our default values since the time of your original run. Historical changes to the site are logged here.
  • Work-arounds — we offer tips for modeling features or systems that we don't explicitly cover.
  • Run errors — Input combinations that are known to cause errors include entering a window area on a side of the house that is larger than the opaque wall on that side (excluding doors and garage), entering non-rectangular house dimensions that are physically not possible, or entering a thermostat start time that is not at least one hour after the previous period.
  • Questions about energy efficiency — Many State Energy Offices provide locally-relevant intformation. Visit our COMMUNITY module for lots of useful information.
  • Product recommendationsENERGY STAR website for lists of efficient products (including specific names and model numbers).
  • Questions for your utility — Many utilities link to our site, but you need to contact them directly with questions about your service. Many of energy/electric cooperatives across the country also offer energy efficiency programs
  • Find financial incentives such as tax credits and rebate programsEnergy Savers maintains a good list.
  • Calculate savings in your home — We cannot make customized analyses for you, but the Home Energy Saver will let you evaluate a huge variety of options.
  • Why your calculated results may not match your utility billList of possible reasons.
  • Want information on the technical assumptions and methods behind the site? — Documentation on appliances, heating/cooling methods, and the tariff analysis methods is all available here.

Collaborating with us:

  • Do you want to link to the site? — You are welcome to do so; written permission not required.
  • Are you an educator seeking to use the site in your classroom?Energized Learning site with classroom exercises.
  • Are you a private software developer seeking to utilize our technology or data? — See the licensing information..

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