Impact of the Home Energy Saver (HES) Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audit

  • Developed primarily with DOE funding, HES is the first and most widely used on-line energy audit and household carbon footprinting tool.
  • HES is the first site delivered by Google searches on the topic of home energy audits and savings.
  • As of December 2009, HES had 5.8 million all-time visitors (125 million hits).
  • Visitation has grown to a current rate of about 900,000 visits each year.
  • The overall investment in the site has been $0.50 per visit, and the marginal cost of operating and maintaining the site is about $0.10 per visit.
  • One in three users report implementing recommendations provided by HES.
  • MSN-Money rates HES among the top 5 government sites for "tackling financial problems and making life simpler and easier."
  • Other software developers are clamoring to use the forthcoming web service.
  • HES has been publicized widely in the national media, including Consumer Reports, Martha Stewart Living, Kiplingers, MSN Money, CNN Money, and most major newspapers. HES has also been noted in local newspapers across the country.
Graph: Cumulative visits to Home Energy Saver: March 1998 to April 2009
Graph: Daily visits to Home Energy Saver: July 2002 to April 2009

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