This site is fantastic! I just found this site through my local energy company. The detail and complexity of calculations is amazingly helpful. I will undoubtably come back again, and I will be linking to this site from our "green architecture" site on our company intranet. Clearly one of the best uses of my tax dollars. Thanks LBL!
— Derek J. White, energy professional
Ann Arbor, MI
Providing a perfect illustration of how the Energy Department can help consumers, I am pleased to unveil new computer software that will help families "surf the web" all the way to the bank. Our "Home Energy Saver" software will help homeowners and renters identify the best technologies available to save them both energy & money...The Home Energy Saver web site showcases how a click of the mouse can mean dollars in the pocket of American Consumers.
— Bill Richardson, Former U.S. Secretary of Energy
Washington, DC
Thanks for letting me use your Home Energy Saver module. It is one of the government services that make paying taxes worthwhile.
— Nick Wilder, Homeowner
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Just discovered your website today— it's terrific! Thanks for the invaluable help you have given me in trying to improve energy costs for a rental property in New Orleans— I pay the utilities. The Home Energy Saver is great. The estimated energy costs were within $20 of what I paid over the past year.
— Margaret Milam, Landlord
New Orleans
I just want to congratulate you on a great program! As a home owner, I will be checking back to see how my efficiency increases as I upgrade my home. As an environmental science instructor, I will be using this web site as a lab exercise for my students.
— Diane Hanley
Laconia, NH
This appears to be a very robust web-based calculator. The predictions provided by HES came within 10% of my actual home usage, both without and with detailed input. A useful resource.
— Tahir Cader, Ph.D., Energy Consultant
The site has lots of information and tools to help the user save money.
— British Petroleum
Terrific! Looks like it is going to be very useful for the energy efficient buildings course that I teach at Stanford. Thank you.
— Prof. Gil Masters, Professor, Stanford University
Stanford, California
Click your mouse to estimate how much energy (and money) you can save by using energy-efficient appliances.
— Fine Homebuilding Magazine
This is like having an expert check out your home. It's a sure bet that you'll save money, no matter how frugal you think you are. There are very, very few households that will not benefit from this energy audit.
— The Mining Co. Guide to Frugal Living
I read about your home page in Better Homes and Gardens. It's a great page filled with lots of information.I plan to pay more attention the next time I buy a house and your home page will come in very handy.
— Cathy DeCenzo, Homeowner
I found that your advisor calculated an average energy consumption for my home that agreed with the real data to within 10%. Not bad, given all the assumptions.
— Dave Rothman, Homeowner
I am planning to use your site as an introduction to energy saving techniques for an architecture class I teach.
— Prof. Don Woolard, Teacher
California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo
In terms of professional application, Home Energy Saver's detail is nearly perfect for my company's needs. We currently provide low-income energy audits and customer education services.
— Rick Rosa, Utility Energy Auditor
Tacoma, Washington
I think this is really great! I'm glad to see that the government is actually actively pursuing a policy which includes protecting the environment on such a global level. This rocks!
— Vikram Habbu, Homeowner
Being a consumer that uses energy efficiency as one of my primary criteria when looking for new appliances this listing has been very helpful.
— Edd Hanson, Homeowner
Northborough, Ma USA
Excellent resource for residents of single family homes. I will be recommending this Web Site to our customers that want to dive deeper into understanding their energy use.
— Mark Percy, Energy Auditor, Tacoma City Light
Tacoma, Washington
This is an extremely valuable service you perform with your energy audit and summary as well as the advice provided. It is very timely for us as we are currently planning a new home. We now know which appliances we would not want to move but replace, saving also the moving costs as well. By your virtual model, we anticipate electric bill about 1/3rd of present and will receive rebates from TU Electric for their criteria and surpassing it for energy savings.
— Carroll Lancaster Jr., Homeowner
Zephyr, Texas
Thank you for another excellent resource site. My wife and I are building a super efficient passive and active solar home and your site has been invaluable in assisting us in identifying the latest technologies for inclusion, and the data we need to make decisions and trade-offs
— Jim Pelot, Homeowner
I am thrilled that this is becoming available to the public in general. Keep up the good work!
— Will Stewart